Dr Gemma Tulud Cruz


Councillor, Melbourne


Australian Catholic University
School of Theology
Locked Bag 4115
Fitzroy MDC, VIC, 3065

Miscellaneous Information:

Gemma lives in one of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She moved to Australia from the United States where she taught in a couple of Catholic universities for several years. Gemma, who is a theologian by profession, holds a Ph.D in Theology from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in the Netherlands and is author of An Intercultural Theology of Migration (2010) and One Bread, One Body, One People: Toward a Theology of Migration (forthcoming) and about forty essays on various theological topics.

Gemma’s main research interests are migration and women and gender issues. Her masters thesis in Religious Studies was on wife battery and her doctoral dissertation was on the migrant women domestic workers in Hong Kong. When she was still living in her home country, the Philippines, Gemma served as a volunteer of the Women and Gender Commission of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines. In that capacity she gave lectures on gender mainstreaming in the school curriculum. Gemma has also given invited lectures or presentations on and among women in various parts of the world such as Germany and the United States.

Gemma has been teaching since 1991. She has taught in the Philippines and the United States and currently serves as Senior Lecturer in Theology as well as National Course Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Master of Theological Studies at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne.