What change are you hoping for in the Catholic Church? We know that the Royal Commission into sexual abuse will make strong recommendations to the Catholic Church. We know too that the Plenary Council which is planned for 2020 will be an invaluable opportunity to create change.

I mentioned the briefing paper that the CACW prepared for a meeting with Archbishop Coleridge in June but in this issue of Women Matter I include the text in full under News and Views. This is the powerful and clear concluding paragraph:

Based on CACW consultations to date the Council on behalf of women seeks:

  • cultural transformation of the Church, clergy and laity, so that all experience a change in heart and minds faithful to Christ’s life and to the call of the Gospels;
  • the urgent redress of structures and practices that have resulted in the shameful abuse of children, and the abuse of power;
  • a genuine role for women in decision-making, leadership and ministry, including liturgy;
  • a place at the 2020 Plenary Council

You may have other issues that you see as vital and other strategies that you would propose. How about getting together with some friends and writing your own statement about what change you hope for? Hopefully there will soon be avenues of consultation in place for the Plenary Council but in the meantime you can send through your statements to me and I will make sure the reach the Planning Committee.

On August 15 I was appointed as Director for the Office for the Participation for Women and the Office for Lay Pastoral Ministry. As I find my feet in the role, I’d really appreciate your feedback on what you’d like to see happening from the Office.

I’d value your comments on Women Matter too. What kind of article do you enjoy most? Are there topics which you think should be explored? I’d like to be able to highlight the women in leadership positions in every diocese in the country (see the example below from the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn) so let me know what’s happening in your diocese by clicking here.