Do you know about it? Women in Maitland-Newcastle Diocese know it. They’ve even name an award for her.

I mean of course, the restoration of St Mary Magdalene. Since about thirteenth century in the tradition of the Western Christianity, Mary of Magdala has been misidentified as a sinner and a prostitute.

In fact, Scripture names her as a prime witness to the crucifixion and resurrection.

The early church Fathers (and Mothers) named her “the Apostle to the Apostles.”

Fortunately, contemporary scholarship has rightfully restored our understanding of Mary of Magdala as an important early Christian leader. In 2016, Pope Francis raised the July 22 memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to a feast, meaning she has the status of an apostle.

This year the feast day lands on Sunday so it will be celebrated on Monday, July 23.

I’m hoping to collaborate in an event for the Canberra and Goulburn Diocese at about that time. How could you honour the occasion?

Wonderful educational resources and ideas, including a liturgy, are available from Reclaim Magdalene and materials from other years at Future Church.  

Could you send me a photograph or email about what you do? I’d love to know!