May you be a VALIANT woman;
standing firm in your spiritual heritage.
The kingdom is within you; your heart is treasure-filled.

May you be a JOYFUL woman
for whom laughter is no stranger:
with a song to sing, a smile to give, a hand to support.

May you be a STRONG woman
whose heart and arms
withstand the pressures and the worries
that each day unfolds.

May you be a PATIENT woman
able to wait through storm and night
for new life, new growth, rich harvest.

May you be a LOVING woman
giving and forgiving, caring and connected.

May you be a SHARING woman
with arms outstretched
to empower others through your giftedness.

Inspired by a reworking of Proverbs 31

Photograph from Catholic Women’s League State Meeting in Maitland February, 2018