Keep us in touch, good Lord, with the enduring, simple pleasures of life.
Though we are cluttered around with plastic surfaces and microchip wizardry,

Give us an awareness of the glory to be found in common things:

  • the smell of the bush after summer rain;
  • a chuckle from an infant playing on the floor;
  • a well-earned rest under a shady tree;
  • the wisdom of the aged, offered with a smile;
  • the sound of the surf rolling on sandy shores;
  • the aroma of scones, newly baked;

(take time to name the common things which give you delight)

Keep us in touch, good Lord, with your gifts that are old as faith yet new every morning.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

Adapted by Andrea inspired by Bruce Prewer’s Psalm ‘Simple Things’