Gracious God
The Scriptures challenge us with stories of hospitality.

Angels arrive unannounced at the tent of Abraham and Sarah
and then promise an impossible gift of life.

A prostitute bargains with spies for her safety
and the way is opened for the Hebrew people to come into a new land.

A widow shares her last loaf with one who is hungry
and an endless supply wells up from emptiness.

May we, with your help, quell our resistance and anxiety
and dare to be ridiculously hospitable.

Even when we are unprepared,
have little to share,

and are confronted with the strangeness of the other,
may the folly and possibility of hospitality transform us.

For the sake of the kingdom


Source: Written by Andrea Dean while at the One Heart, Many Voices: Catholic Mission Conference 2017 inspired by the workshop “Mission and Hospitality”.