1. For Mothers to Pray
Consoling God, be a source of peace for me
when personal and family struggles and difficulties threaten to overwhelm me.
God of Goodness, hold me close to your heart
fill me with joy and delight in the role of mother.
God of Peace, be the centre of my life,
in the whirlwind of my life bless me and those I love with your strength and hope.

2. A Blessing Prayer for our Mothers
May you be loving-kindness to those who call you ‘mother’.
May you delight in nurturing and relish the gift of children.
May your heart be open to friends and strangers in need of mothering and mentoring.
May you grow in wisdom as you experience the struggles and rewards of life.
May you go to sleep each evening aware of the protection and warmth of God’s embrace.
Original Prayers written by Andrea Dean