God of Mercy, we pray for the grace to put our full trust in you.

We all need to experience the gift of Mercy flowing from the heart of Christ broken open for us on the cross.

It is only by your grace that we can claim to have anything that can aid our salvation or sanctification.

As the only hope for the world is the mercy of Christ, Loving God we pray that we may be moved to forgive those who have offended us, to repent of harsh judgements against others, and to discover afresh the richness of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

May we open our hearts in a new way to the poor, and do more works of mercy, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and bringing healing love to those most neglected, rejected, and abandoned. 

God of Grace, from the grace of the Holy Year of Mercy may the face of the Church before our contemporary world shine more truly with loving mercy so that many will find their way back to the true home where they belong, feeling welcome within the community of disciples and embraced by your merciful arms.

Holy Spirit, Help me to hold in mercy that which I cannot now heal:

  • For the injustices and absurdities in our entire global planet
  • For the lies and the contradictions of our own national government
  • For the difficult moral dilemmas created by poor church teaching
  • For the corruption of our institutions and corporations
  • For the sad relationships that I cannot resolve in my own family
  • For the friendships that cannot heal or do over again
  • For the destruction and addictive emotions that I cannot let go of
  • For the intellectual conflicts that I cannot resolve
  • For the moral contradictions that I myself am
  • For the parts of myself that I do not like and cannot change

Loving God, help us to understand and practise true Mercy in our community and our world.

We pray that we can approach our forgiving Lord humbly and confidently.


Source: Fr Ken Barker MGL, INFORM 156; Fr Richard Rohr OFM “Paradox”