(When I heard Robyn Miller, our Inspirational Woman for this issue, speak at the Catholic Mission conference she referred to an article in the Harvard Business Review by an American management consultant, Gary Hamel. I have used the article entitled 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis as the inspiration for this prayer.)

Faithful God,
Free us from thinking we are indispensable,
Free us from excessive busyness. 

Holy God
Free us from mental and emotional fossilization,
Free us from excessive planning.

Shepherding God
Free us from extreme independence,
Free us from rivalry.

Comforting God
Free us from forgetting those who inspired us,
Free us from gossiping, grumbling, and backbiting. 

Merciful God
Free us from idolizing our superiors,
Free us from indifference to others.

Provident God
Free us from downcast faces,
Free us from hoarding.

Healing God
Free us from creating closed circles,
Free us from extravagance and grandstanding.


An original prayer written by Andrea Dean